A screenshot of WebPageTest.org, it shows a banner that states "The API keys database for WebPageTest was accidentally deleted. If you were using the API to automate testing you will need to register for a new key.".

I opened up the popular website load testing service WebPageTest.org today and saw a banner which said they deleted their database accidentally. I found this to be surprising as they are a fairly popular website among web developers with commercial backing. I would expect there to be at least somewhat regular backups in place.

Their api key request page states "Akamai is providing resources for automated testing through the public WebPagetest instance.". It's a great service and free at that. I imagine this may be slightly damaging to both WebPageTest and Akamai’s brand. I wonder if they’ll write a blog post with more details on how this happened on the near future.

If you’re using their API and you haven’t already, now is probably a good time to register for a new API Key.