Recently I got the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon 3rd Generation laptop for some light C#/ASP programming for work. This post is on my thoughts on the unit, it's performance, and whether it's right for you.

Build Quality

It’s a pretty sturdy laptop although a bit thin. I feel a bit on edge about opening and closing it, nothing has happened so far although I’m afraid I’ll use too much pressure and crack it. At some point laptops become too thin. I’m not sure it reaches that threshold yet. I’m the upside it’s lightweight and easy to type while walking so that’s a plus at least. Maybe I am not used to such a thin and lightweight laptop (the MacBook Pro is large and heavy).


My view is arguably tainted as I bought the laptop used, but the display is hard to view at an angle. I’ll be purchasing and installing an IPS display in the near future. I’ll update this section after I install it. Right now I have to view the screen at a specific angel or it’s hard to read. I was able to watch a movie last night without any issues so I imagine there will just be an adjustment period.


The unit features an Intel i7-5600U and is very fast. There is an 8GB of RAM limitation but it packs a punch at a reasonable price range.


This is by far the most comfortable typing experience I’ve had so far. I have yet to see a better keyboard on a laptop.


Admittedly the trackpad was a bit tricky to learn compared to the flat square mousepad on my Macbook Pro but overrall it served it's purpose and I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts wherever possible anyways as it's faster.


The unit features an M.2 SSD and is very fast although it’s limited to 256 GB of storage. I tend to hoard a lot of data and will either need to upgrade the internal disk or set up a network file share in my bedroom network I’m not sure which yet got a check how much storage costs about $400 per 16 TB according to


I am currently enjoying the ThinkPad and this may become my primary laptop. As a Mac user learning to use it and Windows 10 Pro has been difficult but I’ve enjoyed it so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a laptop on a budget.