I’m Nathaniel Suchy, a Software Engineer Consultant who lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. I am a Enthusiastic technical professional with complete understanding of entire software development lifecycle. I am highly trained in Full Stack Web Development and the Ruby Programming Language. I am known for having talents in Ruby On Rails and Ruby Performance Optimization.

Technical Skills

This is a list of the technologies I work with on a daily basis.

  • Ruby Programming Language, an elegant programming language with English-like syntax. It’s interpreted and loved by many developers.
  • Ruby On Rails, including extensive experience in the ActiveRecord, ActiveJobs, and ActiveMailer modules.
  • Crystal Programming Language, Crystal is a language like Ruby (copies it’s syntax and idioms) – it adds a compiler (built on LLVM) and strict type checking to reduce bugs and allow you to focus on better business logic rather than technical bugs caused by a null or incorrectly typed value.
  • Amber Framework including extensive experience with Granite an Object Relational Mapper. Amber Framework is to Crystal Language, as Ruby on Rails is to Ruby.
  • JavaScript/Node.js, an interpreted programming language usable in web browsers and by servers to develop powerful applications.
  • VueJS, an open-source Model–view–viewmodel JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and single-page applications. VueJS is similar to React and Angular.
  • HTML5/CSS3, the standard languages for building a web page viewable in modern web browsers.
  • Proxmox VE, a hypervisor built on Debian Linux for managing containers and KVM guests.
  • PostgresSQL & MySQL (MariaDB, drop-in replacement for MySQL) Database Management
  • Redis, a high speed in-memory key value store.
  • Git, a popular version control system commonly used with GitHub, GitLab, and Gitea
  • Docker, a container platform which allows software engineers to package their software for production deployment and to build easier development environments.
  • Linux Systems Administration, strong understanding of the command line, and how to configure Linux systems (I specialize in Debian Linux).